Jana Schmidt

Jana Schmidt studied medical engineering, and her expertise in the field has allowed her to gain a unique understanding of how the human body works and how medical treatments can be developed to improve people’s lives. “I’m passionate about finding ways to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and everyday people, and I’m thrilled to … Weiterlesen

Farzad Moradi

Farzad Moradi studied Health Management in Tehran before moving to Germany. He furthered his education in health management at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and has been working in our editorial team ever since. “I’ve always been interested in the patient side of healthcare. I see it as a personal challenge and societal responsibility … Weiterlesen

Ali Ayyoub

Ali Ayyoub comes from a family of doctors. While studying human medicine in Berlin, he works as an online editor on the side. “It is important to me to convey medical knowledge to those who come from other cultures. Working as a medical editor allows me to do this better than working in a medical … Weiterlesen

Thomas Möller

Thomas Möller studied psychology in Berlin and then worked in research. “Nowadays, the media aspect cannot be left out if you want to communicate the entire range of medical topics in a public way.”

Petra Schneider

Petra Schneider comes from a family of pharmacists, which sparked her interest in the field of health at an early age. After completing her studies in nutrition and dietetics, she gained experience in the food industry, but ultimately felt drawn to medical communication. “The field of health is constantly evolving and I’m passionate about staying … Weiterlesen

Maximilian Berger

After completing his studies in Medicine and training in several hospitals in Germany, Maximilian Berger developed a keen interest in medical journalism, which led him to pursue a career in health communication. “As a medical professional, I have witnessed the importance of effective communication in healthcare, and I am passionate about making medical knowledge accessible … Weiterlesen

Hana Brejchová

After completing her studies in Psychology in Prague, Czech Republic, Hana Brejchová moved to Berlin for love. While working at a family counseling center in Berlin, she discovered her interest in medical information dissemination and counseling. “Health education is something I feel passionately about, and I am thrilled to be able to pursue this path … Weiterlesen

Alexander Winkler

Alexander Winkler studied Physiotherapy in Vienna, and after graduation, he worked in a private clinic for several years. “As a physiotherapist, I have seen the impact of a lack of health education in patients’ lives. I believe that making medical information accessible to people is a crucial aspect of promoting good health and preventing illness.”

Daniela Lang

After finishing her dietitian training in Munich, Daniela Lang, a mother of four, undertook a distance learning course to become a certified nutritionist. Following that, she began working part-time at a hospital. “My passion for health and my desire to align it with my personal family goals led me to the job that I pursue … Weiterlesen